Muslim Aid Indonesia and TDV To Distribute Sacrificial Animals To Rohingya Refugees And Aceh Residents | Langsa City – Muslim Aid Indonesia and Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı (TDV) through Eid Al Udhiya/Qurbani Program in 2015 distributed 20 animals for sacrifice to the refugees from Rohingya, Myanmar in Langsa City, Aceh province. The aids were also distributed to the residents of Kuala Langsa village and Lhok Bani village on Friday, 25 September 2015.

Muhammad Nasir, the head of Lhok Bani village said the sacrificial animals were distributed to the Rohingya refugees who occupy Port Langsa City and shelters in the Lhokbani village. In addition to refugees, the agency also handed the sacrificial animals for the poor in the Kuala Langsa village and the Lhok Bani village.

Elfi Hasnita, Coordinator of Sacrificial Animals of Muslim Aid Indonesia, said the aids program sacrificial animals is carried out in several regencies and cities as a form of concern to Rohingya refugees and those who are less capable.

Muslim-Aid-distribusi-QurbanShe added, these areas are Lhokseumawe City and North Aceh Regence  as many as 30 cows. The amount to be distributed to the Rohingya refugees and local residents in two locations, which are in Blang Adoe village and Lhoksukon. As for the Rohingya refugees and local residents in the areas of Langsa City and East Aceh as many as 40 cows.

“Hope this help can be beneficial to foster unity among Muslims in refugees camps and also with the residents around the areas where the deployment of these refugees,” she concluded. (ami/ira)

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