The Chair for Wali Nanggroe Called "Droeneuh Nyan" – Judging from the size of a chair provided by the committee as seat Wali Nanggroe Malik Mahmud Al-Haythar in the event Coordination Meeting at Hermes Hotel, Banda Aceh, Friday, October 23, 2015, in the local language it is feasible mentioned “Droneuh Nyan” chair.

But he chair is now a public concern in Aceh.

The mention of “Droneuh Nyan” because the chair is large size, as often mentioned by local communities to the older people, a sign of respect.

From the visible image, Malik Mahmud was sitting on a chair provided, while on the left side there is the Chairman of the Aceh Party Muzakkir Manaf which also Vice Governor of Aceh Province.

At that time, it looked Muzakkir Manaf didn’t stop glancing carefully toward the Malik Mahmud who was sitting on the chair. (lia)

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